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Daisy Bag Holder

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With a zip closure, carabiner clip attachment, and a dispenser on the back. Comes with a roll of biodegradable waste bags.

Please note: returns on this item will not be accepted on this item without the unused roll of waste bags. Carabiner clip is decorative and should not be used to support weight.

Size Chart

Bandana Sizing:

XS: Up to 12.5 inch neck, suggested for toy breeds, cats

S: Up to 18 inch neck, suggested for corgis, terriers, yorkies

M: up to 24 inch neck, suggested for beagles, mini aussies, mini poodles

L: Up to 30 inch neck, suggested for doodles, shepherds, labs, huskies

XL: Up to 34 inch neck, suggested for great danes, greater swiss mountain dogs

What makes it ecofriendly?


Almost all of our products are made with 100% cotton fabric
Patterns are printed on the fabric using water-based dyes that use very little water. It's like a giant printer that permanently dyes the fabric!
Products that are noted as not being 100% cotton are deadstock fabric. What's deadstock fabric? It's fabric leftover from large company's production runs. Instead of sending it to a landfill, they sell it to warehouses who then sell it to us in much smaller quantities!


Our logo tags are woven from recycled yarn


What style bandanas do you carry?
All of our bandanas are tie-on style

Is the scrunchie included?

All of our scrunchies are sold separately

Do you make bandanas for cats?
Yes! Our bandanas are for all pets and the X-Small fits most cats.

I don't see a size that will work for me. What should I do?
Email us at & we'll be happy to help!