We are dedicated to being as eco-friendly as possible. We wouldn't classify ourselves as "zero-waste" because there are just somethings we can't reuse/repurpose (like tiny thread scraps!), and we prefer the term "eco-friendly." We are focused on sourcing materials that are ethically made and good for the planet.  For more detailed information than what you can find below feel free to email us your questions at


  • We are currently transitioning to all of our fabrics to cotton-based materials made with eco-friendly water-based dyes. The fabric content of each of our prints can be found on each product page, so you know exactly what you're purchasing.
  • All of our fabric scraps are repurposed in one way or another to cut down on waste. Some turn into quilts and others into dog toys!
  • Collars & leashes are made with a cotton webbing (as opposed to the typical polyester) that is super strong & much better for the planet.


  • Our packaging is 100% home compostable & curbside recyclable. Here is a list of everything we may use to package your order:

    • Mailers - made from paper & break down in about 3 months. 
    • Boxes - made from cardboard & typically break down in about 3 months.
    • Tissue paper - made from acid-free paper & break down in about 2 months.
    • Thank you card, care card, packaging & thank you sticker - made from paper & break down in about 2 months. 
    • Dog treat - we recommend feeding to your pup & letting nature do its work!
    • If you prefer "no frills" (no freebies or extras - just your product in the minimum amount of packaging necessary to keep it safe!) please leave a note at checkout.