About Us


Let me introduce myself: Hi, I'm Shelby & I'm the creator of Adventurous Pup Co!

I started Adventurous Pup Co. in May of 2020. I was first introduced to the world of dog bandanas when I started my Aussie pup Sophie's Instagram a few months prior. So with just $100 and my sewing experience (I was kinda obsessed with Project Runway and wanted to be a fashion designer in high school and begged my grandma to teach me) I launched Adventurous Pup Co! What I wasn't expecting was for the TikTok I posted on my then personal account to go viral and jump-start my brand. Now Adventurous Pup Co is my full-time job and it's all thanks to you!

Here are some cool things about Adventurous Pup Co.

The Inspo

We can't forget my inspiration behind this brand: Sophie!

We got our name from Soph's Instagram handle (@adventuresofsophiamae) and all of our adventures. I grew up near Lake Michigan and have always loved hiking. Most weekends you can find me and Soph on one of our favorite hiking trails. 

My love for travel and adventure is at the core of our brand, so whether you're going camping or headed out on a road trip, we've got the perfect print for you!



From our products to our packaging we use eco-friendly materials. Our fabrics fall into one of 2 categories: made from natural fibers (like cotton!) and printed using a water-based, eco-friendly dying process, or deadstock fabrics that were saved from a landfill!

Whether you prefer to compost or recycle, our packaging is perfect for you! All of our packaging is paper-based and can be home composted or curbside recycled!


Design Process

Fun fact: I design a lot of our prints!

Ever since I was a little kid I've loved all things art and I was constantly drawing and painting. Now I mostly use the Procreate app on my iPad to design our prints, freebie stickers, and pretty much all of the graphics on our website. I'm so excited to offer you guys one-of-a-kind prints designed by me!


Have any questions? Email us at info@adventurouspupco.com!